Harald Bergerhoff

Harald Bergerhoff, Managing Director creation

The creative engine of c.i.a.green for over 20 years. He brings the igniting, moving idea and realises it with his team in breathtaking speed and precision.

Personal brand experience outside c.i.a.green:
Bayer Vital GmbH (Aspirin, Canesten, Autan, Talcid) • Bayer Tiergesundheit GmbH (Baytril, Bolfo) • Bristol-Myers Squibb GmbH & Co. KGaA (pharmaceuticals) • GlaxoWellcome GmbH (pharmaceuticals) • Janssen-Cilag GmbH (corporate communications) • KaVo Dental GmbH (dental and laboratory technology) • Lichtwer Pharma AG (Kira, Kwai) • Novartis Deutschland GmbH (pharmaceuticals) • Dr. Suwelack GmbH (Matricur)

Personal awards outside c.i.a.green:
COMPRIX – prize for innovative pharmaceuticals marketing: gold in 1997, ‘Bolfo and Bay-o-Pet’, Bayer Tiergesundheit; gold in 2000, ‘Voltaren image’, Novartis Pharma GmbH; silver in 1997, ‘Ciprobay’, Bayer Pharma; bronze in 1997, ‘Janssen Cilag image’, Janssen Cilag Pharma; bronze in 1997, ‘Canesten’, Bayer Pharma • New York Festivals, Silver World Medal in 1999, ‘Matricur’, Dr. Suwelack GmbH

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