Saaten-Union HySeed Hybrid Cereals Campaign

Economy and ecology
in harmony.

Clean water, stable climate, fertile soil – society demands sustainability in all dimensions. Crop farmers all over Europe need maximum yields under all conditions. More than ever, they need to harmonize economy and ecology. HySeed hybrid cereals deliver top performance where other cereals are at their limits due to site conditions or environmental constraints. Hybrid rye, hybrid wheat, hybrid barley – no competitor offers more hybrid grain diversity.

Viral spot "Economy and Ecology in Harmony"., Saaten-Union, Anzeige Feldkontrolle, HySeed Hybridroggen, Landwirt, Weizenfeld, SU Performer

Ad campaign motive HySeed hybrid rye SU PERFORMER, Saaten-Union, Anzeige Feldkontrolle, Hybridroggen, Fendt Traktor, Roggenfeld, SU Perspectiv

Ad campaign motive HySeed hybrid rye SU PERSPECTIV, Saaten-Union, Anzeige Aussaat, Hybridweizen, HySeed, Fendt Traktor, Saatgutsack, SU Hyvega, Amazone Sähmaschine

Ad campaign motive HySeed hybrid wheat SU HYVEGA, Saaten-Union, Anzeige Gerste, SU Hylona, Wintergerste, Landwirt, Ähren

Advertising campaign motive HySeed hybrid barley SU HYLONA

Saaten-Union Winter Cereals Campaign

Diversity yields
better results.

Europe's crop farmers are increasingly confronted with environmental regulations. Biodiversity instead of monoculture is the dictate. For economic success, crop farmers need seed diversity. With 27 crop types and 375 plant varieties, SAATEN-UNION offers the most diverse seed programme on the market. For farm-specific crop rotations and sustainable cultivation success under all conditions. Since 2016, the 360-degree campaign designed by has been running on all channels in 14 countries.

Viral spot "Diversity yields better results", Saaten-Union, Anzeige Gerste, SU Ellen, Wintergerste, Fendt Traktor, Landwirte, Ähren

Ad campaign motive winter barley SU ELLEN, Saaten-Union, Anzeige Weizen, Lemmy, Winterweizen, Ernte, Mähdrescher, Weizenfeld

Ad campaign motive winter wheat LEMMY, Saaten-Union, Anzeige Dinkel, Zollernspelz, Landwirt, Dinkelfeld

Ad campaign motive spelt ZOLLERNSPELZ, Saaten-Union, Winterweizen, Anzeige Feldkontrolle, Fendt Traktor, Weizenfeld, SU Jonte

Ad campaign motive winter wheat SU JONTE

Saaten-Union maximum maize

Maximum performance
from morning to night.

The maize market is large and wide, German farmers alone can choose from over 700 varieties – differentiation is difficult at first glance. This is why developed the SAATEN-UNION Maximum Maize concept with the product promise of maximum performance from early to late, depending on the utilisation target and cultivation conditions. The personification in the shape of Max Mais and his Maxima ensured 6-digit click rates in the online media, and supplied the entire media spectrum for the campaign.

Viral Spot "Max Mais & Early Bird"

Viral spot "Max Maize - Maximum Grain Yield"

Viral spot "Max Maize - Maximum milk yield"


Highlights 2001-2015

Wheat, rye, barley, spelt, durum, maize, sunflowers, beet, legumes, catch crops - for more than 15 years, has accompanied SAATEN-UNION in campaign development and implementation. With its integrated overall concepts, SAATEN-UNION has been extremely successful in recent decades. The campaigns are highly appreciated by the market participants. Copied again and again by the competition. SAATEN-UNION's campaigns have been awarded the German Agricultural Marketing Prize three times alone. That is an industry record., Saaten-Union, Highlights, Anzeige Mais, Sonne

Ad campaign motive SUNSTAR, Saaten-Union, Highlights, Anzeige Mais Muskeln

Ad campaign motive SUNMARK, Saaten-Union, Highlights, Anzeige Sonnenblume

Ad campaign motive sunflower YANA, Saaten-Union, Highlights, Anzeige Energiepflanzen

Ad campaign motive energy crops


Maize campaigns

Sensational motifs tailored to individual countries were created for the international maize market., Saaten-Union, Silomais, Körnermais, International, Super Susann, Maisfeld

Ad campaign motive SUSANN, Saaten-Union, Silomais, Körnermais, Sumumba, International, Zauberin, Maisfeld

Ad campaign motive SUMUMBA

2008-2011 - Crop varieties of the Saaten-Union

Top performance
excellently packaged.

Cereals and maize - SAATEN-UNION's top varieties produce higher yields and quality than those of their market competitors. The 2008-2011 campaign visualised this theme with oversized end products. Bread, rolls, milk and pig feed – the benefits are clearly visible. The campaign was awarded the Deutscher Agrarmarketing-Preis several times., Saaten-Union, Milchtüte, Ayrro, Milchmais, Deutscher Agrarmarketing-Preis

Ad campaign motive fodder maize, Saaten-Union, Brötchentüte, Genius, Winterweizen, Deutscher Agrarmarketing-Preis

Ad campaign motive GENIUS, winter wheat E, Saaten-Union, Anzeige Toastbrot, Weizen, Deutscher Agrarmarketing-Preis

Ad campaign motive TOBAK, winter wheat B, Saaten-Union, Anzeige Schwein, Minello, Hybridroggen

Ad campaign motive MINELLO, hybrid rye/crop fodder

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